The Morning Before The Big One

Ok, it’s 8am on Saturday 22nd April 2017, the day before The London Marathon.

I’m laying in bed and I’m nervous, really nervous. The first thing I thought when I woke up was..oh no! I’ve got a sore throat quickly followed hamstring hurts..have I done enough training?..I should have done more..should I go out for a run?..What if I miss the bus getting to my Blue start?..Paranoia has definitely kicked in.


I was very lucky and got a ballot place for London, I had only entered the ballot for the first time this year and know so many people who have entered year after year but are still waiting. I have been running since 2014 and when I found out I had a place I was consistently running around 9-10 mile long runs each weekend. From there I picked up to 15 miles in January for the Benfleet 15 then up to a few 16 miles by the beginning of March..everything was on track. Then I completed the Silverstone half in March, this is where things start to go pearshaped..maybe I pushed a little too hard, maybe I had done a little too much mileage, either way my hamstring wasn’t happy and the physio ordered a rest period, 2 weeks! For the next 2 weeks, I was cycling in the gym to keep my fitness up as well as weights and attend my usual yoga classes. What a nightmare! I thought that was it, I won’t be running London now, I’ve blown it but all was not lost and it’s amazing what a bit of rest can do. I ran a short 4km on 26th March to test the hamstring, it felt ok, so training resumed and I completed my last long run of 18 miles on 2nd April. Now it was taper time which for the last few weeks has felt like I’ve been lazy and that I’m just ruining my chances at the marathon. At Brighton last year I completed the 26.2 miles in 5:47 so I am desperate to beat that time, I know I shouldn’t worry about a time and just enjoy the atmosphere but I know in my heart that I can do better.

My life has changed dramatically during my training too. I don’t normally talk about private stuff on Twitter or in blogs but I will mention it here and now as it has definitely affected my training. Last year I separated from my husband and my running had definitely contributed towards the breakdown of the marriage, our lives had taken completely different paths. I had moved in with family temporarily until my children and I had a new home, I had lost weight and hadn’t been eating as well as I should, some days I had been so stressed about everything that I would just cry (If you know me then you will know this just isn’t me). I would feel lethargic and just wouldn’t want to run. This has also made planning my long runs difficult and there were morning where I have been up at 5.30am to get a run in before becoming mum for the day.


The Family

On a much happier note I would just like to say that I have met someone, the amazing JK (@kennedy107) who I met at the Benfleet 15. He has been my rock and I don’t know where I would be without him. Not only has he kept me strong through my personal rubbish he has also listened to my marathon moans and worries, he has kept me training and helped me achieve a few PBs in the process. The man deserves a knighthood.


Silverstone Half with JK

This week – Work has been busy, really busy, I haven’t had time for lunch twice this week and I haven’t drunk enough..ideal for the week before a marathon but that’s life I suppose! I did have a mega sports massage on Wednesday, an hour of Jess at SV Sports Theropy beating up my legs. It felt amazing in a pleasure pain kind of way. Today I will mooch around and spend time with my girls..who want to go shoe shopping (this isn’t going to happen!) three girls in a shoe shop is nightmare.

The support from my family, friends and work colleagues and has been fantastic and I can’t thank them enough. Lots of encouraging Facebook & Twitter messages and notes left on my desk.



Am I ready for the London Marathon, no I’m not, I don’t feel ready at all. Will I complete the London Marathon, YES, YES, YES. London I am coming for you, I may be nervous but I am also excited and by whatever means I will be collecting my medal at the end.

Good luck to everyone running tomorrow. I will be wearing my St Clare Hospice vest with Clare on the front please do say hi if you see me or cheer extra loud as I waddle past. All encouragement gratefully received.




3 thoughts on “The Morning Before The Big One

  1. Wendy Dockerill says:

    Lady I am so proud of u, u have turned into this amazing running machine. Get out there tmrw and nail that time, chuck your worries away and enjoy every last step of the route. Love u loads. X x x

    Liked by 1 person

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